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About SAIT

The Scouts Australia Institute of Training (SAIT) is an Enterprise Registered Training Organisation (No. 5443) and has its registered office at Level 1, 8 Help Street, Chatswood NSW 2067.

SAIT was first established as an Enterprise Registered Training Organisation in August 1996 and seeks, as its primary purpose, to enable members of Scouts Australia, who have completed the relevant components of the Youth Progam or Adult Training & Development, the ability to seek, through a Recognition of Prior Learning process (RPL) externally accredited qualifications (the details of which are outlined in “scope” below). 

Qualifications for Venturer Scouts - PDF

Qualifications for Rover Scouts - PDF

Qualifications for Adults - PDF 


Leveraging the learning received from participation in the Scouts Australia Youth Program or Adult Training and Development, members of Scouting in Australia can use the Scouts Australia Institute of Training to gain vocational education and training (VET) outcomes including Units of Competency, Skill Sets and Qualifications. These VET outcomes are issued in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework and SAIT complies with the current Standards for Registered Training Organisations.

SAIT is registered to offer the following Australian Qualifications:  

Volunteering, Employability and Leadership

Gang Show and Showtime

Outdoor Adventurous Activities



SAIT can assess candidates in the qualifications specified within its scope. It achieves this by Candidates:

  State Email Phone
  ACT 02 6282 5211
  NSW 02 9735 9013
  NT 08 8948 0994
  QLD 07 3721 5716
  SA 08 8130 6055
  TAS 03 6229 9385
  VIC  03 8543 9846
  WA 08 6240 7711


The Branch will then ensure that you recieve your enrolment kit. As the candidate you will need to;



Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and Adults in Scouting having followed the required registration / enrolment process, will through the Assessment process present a suitable portfolio of evidence for assessment by a SAIT appointed Assessor. This may include completing the required ‘Candidate RPL Toolkit’ or providing other forms of evidence as discussed with your Assessor. 


All SAIT appointed Assessors meet the minimum standards for appointment as defined under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations, have demonstrated competency in the Qualifications and/or Units of Competency they assess and maintain the required number of continuous education hours required to be deemed to be “currently competent”. Where they do not hold a specific Unit of Competency they have supervised the completion of the assessment by a person who does hold the relevant Unit of Competency to ensure the ‘Principles of Assessment’ and the ‘Rules of Evidence’ as defined in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations have been applied throughout the process.


SAIT is governed by a Management Committee for strategic purposes with operational matters vested in the Principal of SAIT.

The SAIT Management Committee reports to the National Operations Committee, an empowered body by the National Council of Scouts Australia, to attend to the operational matters of Scouts Australia.

SAIT, from time to time, enters into arrangements with other organisations to provide RTO services for the Qualifications within SAIT’s scope and/or seek from other RTOs Qualifications not within its own scope. Regardless, where this occurs, a detailed 'memorandum of understanding' and ongoing services agreement exists and is reviewed in line with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations.

For more detailed information about the VET qualifications offered by SAIT, click on the relevant qualification above or visit the National Training Information Service website

For more information about the RPL accreditation process contact: The RTO Compliance Manager on

Paul Parkinson 
Principal of SAIT


Privacy Policy

SAIT and its Related Bodies Corporate incorporated in Australia is subject to the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the associated Australian Privacy Principles

The Privacy Act regulates how private sector entities collect, use, disclose and otherwise handle personal information.

The SAIT Privacy Policy outlines how SAIT deals with the personal information we collect. People who deal with SAIT are entitled to expect that any information collected will be treated in accordance with our Australian privacy responsibilities and obligations.


Complaints Handling

Any person wishing to make a complaint against SAIT concerning its conduct as an RTO shall have access to the  complaints handling procedure. All formal complaints will be heard and decided within 15 working days of the receipt of the written complaint by Scouts Australia. The designated person to receive these complaints is the RTO Compliance Manager. Email

Please see attached a copy of SAIT’s Complaint Handling Policy